Language Barrier

One of the greatest things about Japanese fashion is the creative use of English sprinkled liberally throughout the clothing and accessories of women, children and pets (sadly, not as many options for the men). The language is rarely correct, often highly inappropriate, and at times completely baffling. If I could, I’d buy it all, though I know deep down that it would be not only impractical but very, very expensive. I do have a few choice pieces that were impossible to refuse – I wouldn’t exactly model them in public, but it does make me giggle to wear them around the house! So pull up a chair, put on your best Mighty Kvell sweater and FAB cap, get your dog into an outfit that says KISS ME PANCK, and enjoy the image gallery below. [Click on thumbnails for larger and slightly easier-to-read pictures.]

Don’t forget, though, western society is not immune to the decorative foreign word … for example, thisthis or this.

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