Welcome to my humble corner, where I plan to publish a selection of ideas, thoughts, pictures and memories.

When I was a little girl, my greatest dream was to be called Rose and my career aspirations centred around becoming Sleeping Beauty when I grew up. Regrettably these dreams never became a reality, although I am a seriously excellent sleeper. I love words and language, reading, writing and editing, exploring and adventuring. I believe in love, books, music, wine and world peace. I have questionable table manners, a stubborn streak of optimism and a creative approach to workplace boundaries. I have a bizarre amount of old numbers, movie and television references, song lyrics and useless trivia taking up space in my brain.

I am also new to web things, so thank you for your patience.

Love, Rose xx

Getting close to my hero at Disneyland in Paris!

Disneyland, Paris

Please note: All content is my own unless explicitly credited to another source. Photographs and written pieces have been created by me and are not to be passed off as the property of another. Your integrity and respect in all dealings with this site are much appreciated. Stay classy.

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